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Globalworth makes solid leasing progress in Poland

The company's user community in Poland now totals 110,000 people Since entering the Polish market a year and a half ago, Globalworth has signed lease agreements for almost 100,000 sqm, representing some 20% of the company's Polish property portfolio. Year to date, the company has finalised contracts for nearly 40,000 sqm of office space, with the most notable transaction with AXA, the main tenant in Warsaw Trade Tower.

Globalworth is the first office investor and landlord to consistently focus on established properties located in top tier locations with active communities of users and visitors. For this reason, its office buildings are accessible and better integrated into the city than many other properties in the market. These landmark office buildings have established their multi-functionality and, as a consequence, strengthened their brand to become the workplace of choice for a wide range of companies and their employees.

“Over the past year we have been busy actively expanding our real estate portfolio. We will continue to grow, although we are now very much focused on creating the best offer for the evolving community of Globalworth tenants. We estimate that 110,000 employees and their guests come to our buildings in Poland daily and we want to provide them with conditions that will encourage them to stay for as long as possible in an environment where their business can flourish. The greatest testament to our strategy is having secured a lease extension for over 10 years with AXA in Warsaw Trade Tower. So far this year, we have already finalised contracts for nearly 40,000 sqm of space in our office buildings in Poland,” says Grzegorz Strutyński, Commercial Director of Globalworth Poland.

There has been activity across Globalworth’s whole portfolio, with assets seeing ongoing interest from both existing and prospective tenants. At the Lumen and Skylight office buildings, the first half of the year saw a number of new contracts signed as well as renewals of existing ones. F-Secure and Cromwell Poland have joined Skylight's tenant base, while the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Embassy of Malaysia, the Academy of New York, CIMA, Mezzanine Management and Velvet Care have also renewed their agreements in the building. In addition, the neighboring Lumen building has welcomed a new tenant - FMC Agro - and renewed its cooperation with Solidex. The new lease and extension agreements in both office buildings total ​​4,000 sqm. At Spektrum Tower, Westwing - the largest online shopping club in Poland for furniture and home accessories - has decided to lease an additional 1,000 sqm of space, resulting in the company occupying two floors with a total area of 2,500 sqm.

Companies value proven properties in good locations, where they can conduct their business activities smoothly. When deciding where to lease, they are most often guided by the well-being and comfort of their employees.

“When a company considers moving to new premises, it often turns out that its employees want to stay where they feel best and remain in an environment that they know well. Globalworth responds to these needs by offering a compelling alternative in the office market. We acquire buildings in the best locations of Polish cities and internalise the property management of these assets. We are the only player in the local office market with a large and experienced in-house leasing, asset and property management platform which enables us to work directly with tenants and respond quickly to their needs. At the heart of our asset management strategy is to pursue a number of initiatives with the aim of creating vibrant communities within our buildings and address the needs of rapidly evolving modern workforce,” adds Grzegorz Strutyński.


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